30 Day Constructive Rest Challenge!


Keep Calm with Constructive Rest
Beginning February 1, join Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique teacher in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, for the 30 Day Constructive Rest Challenge. Visit her Facebook page for encouragement and updates.

Some of the many benefits of CR as listed on her website:

  • it helps us improve our posture naturally and without strain
  • we get a much-needed “time out” from today’s multi-tasking, ultra-stimulating life-style
  • we give our muscles the chance to release unwanted tension
  • our breathing becomes naturally calmer and deeper
  • our spine gets the chance to decompress
  • it’s calming to the nervous system
  • mind and the body have time to quiet allowing us to think more clearly
  • our digestive system is given the space to release and do its work more efficiently
  • our energy and productivity improves during the rest of the day

Try Constructive Rest for 30 days and judge for yourself!

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