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    example a set of 4 shot glasses, a pricier mug set, a bundle of multiple items, and. Your contact information will never be shared for ANY reason. If the feature was specifically just for us to give away our own products, we probably wouldnt have to do the dance of paying Amazon for inventory only to get reimbursed later. Even though its your own product, you have to pay for the inventory. Once your payment has been processed, youre taken to the following screen: Next, you receive an email letting you know your giveaway has gone live. Every Nth entrant wins (Not random 1 in N). Wed be able to pay the fees and be done with. Grow your audience by requiring entrants to: Watch a YouTube video (I hired someone on Fiverr to create a 30-second long video based on one of my Amazon mug listings). Under Giveaway, click Create, choose the product you want to create a giveaway for. A goal, in my particular case, I used the full cover art for #1 (front, spine, and back minus the titling. Here Are the Results I Got: Giveaway #1 Unfortunately, by the end of the seven days I didnt have any giveaway entrants and zero prizes were claimed. For that run, I selected 1 in 50 odds, and allowed the giveaway to run for the full 15 days. But notice the second giveaway. Before your giveaway goes live, I recommend visiting. There are a lot of resources out there list that will get you started with Amazon Giveaways (including the wonderful resource written by my friend and fellow author Nicholas Rossis: How To Set Up An Amazon Giveaway ). Recap: Total amount spent: 165.75 (512 laid out for inventory, taxes, and shipping but got back 346.25 as the vendor of the mug) 5 (Fiverr video creation) (Fiverr promotional gigs) 220.75 If I had changed the price pre-giveaway:.88 (inventory, taxes, and shipping) 5 (Fiverr. Short copy that will serve as advertisement text (30-50 words, if I recall. Maybe we didnt need all of the Fiverr gigs. So, once again, platform is king. On those 36 extra sales, we charged.85 per mug with free shipping. You could use it to run a contest and give away 3 iPads, for example. That first giveaway began on a Tuesday and ended on Friday. To see what effect my Amazon Giveaway had on my store, I tracked the sales for the mug I gave away compared to other weeks. net profit per mug. I also shared the giveaway in a handful of Facebook groups I participate. Part 2: Title your giveaway (between 5 and 50 characters). It can take up to two weeks from the original giveaway end date to process your refund. But dont expect to simply log on to Amazon Giveaways, click a few buttons, and be done with. My giveaway looked like this since it has been over for quite some time, it says Giveaway Ended at the top: You dont have many words to grab a potential readers attention, so make them count! While I find them helpful, on occasion, to spread awareness about a blog article, or to promote my Facebook Page, every time I spend money on a boost with a very specific call-to-action, it feels as if Im funneling cash into a toilet bowl. It cant be FBM. So if I gave away 25 mugs, Id get back 346.25 (13.85 * 25). Getting The Word Out About Your Amazon Giveaways. Heres what my Amazon Giveaways dashboard looked like after I ran the first giveaway: Absolutely pathetic. Notice how many entrants I ultimately had during that run? . Head on over to The Mukhtaar Estate and see what everyones talking about! Hear It, vibrate on new giveaways (device dependent).

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    And then there were fees to take out. I know its your policy The policy is stupid and needs to change. The general concept has and worked well for me in the past.

    Be a better writer.Part 1: Inside your, seller Central account, go to the Advertising tab and select Promotions from the drop-down menu.

    49 per mug, we dont need or even want to see their names. Amazon still earns their, the book publisher can purchase an arbitrary number of copies of their book and have Amazon distribute them free to people who participate in the giveaway. Using Amazon Giveaways, we go through how to do that here and I recommend you do this with a mass market mug youve had some good results with. Postentry, upload a customer image, about Nat Russo Nat Russo is the Amazon 1 Bestselling Fantasy author of Necromancer Awakening and Necromancer Falling. LHS and want to send mugs to Amazon.