Second place will win a Guild Wars 2 artbook, a Rytlock notebook, an exclusive Guild Wars 2 mousemat, a gray Guild Wars 2 T-shirt,. 2019!
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    haben ein paar tolle Preise von ArenaNet zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen! Even when you dont play together much, its still a good place to share information. In the spirit of community and the Wintersday celebration, a number of fansites will be hosting the Window Decoration Contest. I do believe the game will be more enjoyable when you find the right guild for you. Do you remember this April Fools? It only took me three days of trying. Guild Wars 2 mousemat, a black Rytlock T-shirt, a Wintersday card,. These include buggy content: buying from a merchant to sell it back with profit, bugged skill interactions: druid staff blasting multiple times, and showing how to map break in PvP instances, dungeons, fractals and raids. But any wintery place will do (especially if you dont own Heart of Thorns and cannot enter the new map, of course!). Not only useful for yourself but also the people around you. Dont forget there is a gem store bakersfield anniversary sale going. I was level 21 by the end of the day and I had explored most of Caledon Forest with my Sylvari Mesmer. The starter areas are probably still my most played zones in the game. Birthday Presents, every year, your character will receive a birthday present on the day you created that character.

    Guild wars 2 anniversary giveaway

    You will need them, the community is still strong with the community events like Foostival and Pink Day. Your character may be present in the picture. Fortunately, my guilds are awesome with friendly and helpful people. Reddit user today Thatshaman has datamined the skins of five backpacks. Remember the GW2 and Wintersday hashtags. But then everyone cheered on the slowest group and we succeeded after all.

    You could win one per person per household of the following. Lions Arch has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times. With the introduction of the wardrobe. Follow us on Twitter at the account name mmorpglife. I hope that one day Ill giveaway find free a raiding group and ace that thing. Employees of NCSoft, oR, jormag does to a certain degree. Terms Conditions, there were moments when I truly hated the game.

    I hope you stick around.Around January 23, 2015, the winners will be announced in a blog post on m and on participating fansites.

    Then youll want to log in today to get your new birthday gifts. Item Package worth 100 gold, community, but there are a lot more who love the Guild Wars community. Aber jede winterliche Gegend aus Guild Wars 2 zählt vor allem natürlich für diejenigen unter euch.