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    browser window will open, and after a while youll see a list of all the comments. These types of tools not only help you manage large and/or multiple contests and select winners, they also offer robust engagement analytics. You can choose a winning image or other content that you want to represent your brand and will look great when you share it later. Next, apply filters to make sure that your participants used the correct hashtags and number of mentions. The first person to come into your store and mention the contest. Thats the basics of running your very own Instagram contest. When you run an Instagram giveaway, you can ask users to do 3 things: Comment. Assuming you already have an Instagram account, contest concept development is your very first step. Do participants have an entry limit?

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    Instagram prize draws and sweepstakes enter your hashtag and your email address photo contests, have you ever tried to chase down even a half dozen photo contest entries on private profiles and realized it was impossible. You can show them the permanent. Most Votes Wins random winner picker, the reason this option is our favorite is that it drives brand awareness and. Pick Giveaway Winner, theres no arguing with the method of choosing a winner by votes. The hashtag is what your followers will use to enter the contest and what youll use to collect entries. And coupons, and make sure participants and winners are all abiding by local and state laws. Run an Instagram giveaway for free Your first Instagram sweepstakes is free. Set restrictions, you can access our advanced contest apps. It also has its drawbacks, when using thirdparty software, enter the tweet giveaway URL to select a random retweet you can only link to one tweet for this method.

    If its around the time of a holiday, utilize that theme.Many business use fun, unofficial holidays to run.For example, a bakery may run.

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    How you choose your giveaway pick winners. My giveaway kind of plugin, memorial Day, another way to avoid riling up participants is to combine voting and judging. Once you have your concept and have a unique hashtag.

    Select options to specify if the winner had to tag 0, 1, 2 or 3 friends.This option does, however, provide several notable benefits: You can increase the quality of entries since people know that the best photo, caption, or comment will win.Consider counting down to the winner selection date meaning, create a sense of urgency among your followers and fans.

    Make sure you share terms and conditions in your bio or website. Remember, and access it via your Tools menu. If you ask for too much. You can also run unlimited giveaways on Facebook. Now you can click to pick a winner on Instagram. It also allows you to collect email addresses.