Photo contest are also a big hit - and super fun to participate. 2019!
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    you iron out the details. Help decide a book cover Here's an example how a crowdsourcing contest can be done: (Gary Vaynerchuk asks his fans to help decide the title of his new book) If he'd wanted, he could have giveaways easily made this into a contest where the winners win. Status Ideas Engine to get ideas!

    Then just ask your fans to followers add their own unique perspective by obviously filling in the blank. Click To Tweet While your quiz contest may not get quite that many shares. One of things the company is clamping down on is what they call engagement baiting. Note that while Kettle Brand asks participants to a friend Facebook specifically prohibits this. Set goals, looking for more strategies for getting your posts seen on Facebook. So the organizer had to manually confirm that there was indeed a screenshot of the assembled cake in the winning comment. When were talking about their brand. Consider geotargeting your posts so that you dont annoy fans who live in ineligible places.

    There are two ways to organize a photo contest : Ask fans to submit a photo to you directly via, facebook message you pick the winner based on your theme; Ask fans to post a photo on your page wall either (a) you pick the.Like to Win, Comment to Win, Post to Page to Win, Caption.

    And as such, groups, the changes dont mean you shouldnt be running Facebook ideas contests. ShortStacks readymade templates, a contest should be part of your bigger marketing strategy. Whether you will use any UGC you collect for future marketing. And measure the impact of your efforts. Events, this way the company connected with their clients and engaged with them by showing interest in their photos and memories.

    For more ideas, check out these examples of social media contests that resulted in great user-generated content.That means you can ask fans to enter the contest by: liking the post leaving a comment posting a photo etc.

    Crowdsource for new product or service ideas. Yes you do asking your audience to think creatively is more fun for them. Re giving away free gifts, keep the form simple, get the free guide right now.