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    expected to excel, if only by tradition, was in sports coverage. However, the mans feet gave out long before he approached the record. It worked ough not always exactly on time. Flynn and Drew Pearson, along with the Hollywood gossip commentary of Jimmy Fidler, were inserted into klif newscasts during the 1950s. Uncheck the Team Only option, looking for a Store? Hooper of Hooper Ratings fame. Twelve side by side towers in parallel. (We were never in a big hurry to shut down the 50,000 watt transmitter.) 50,000 watt Daytime pattern for klif watt Nighttime Pattern for klif 1190 klifs Nighttime Coverage klif coverage map showing the two different nighttime patterns for klifs signal. Memories sometimes fail to recall specific dates for specific events. All of that area had been covered with a city-grade signal in the previous 1000 watt pattern. From the lead-in there followed four and one half minutes of news, which Gordon decreed would contain no fewer than twenty stories. Stewart and Smith sped to the scene and were able to get a live, on-the-scene account of what happened from the robbery victim. Mobile unit reporters were allowed to break into klif programming as often as necessary with on-the-spot news coverage. Gordon said that he did not know where the bottle was buried himself and did not care to know. Mobile unit #4 on one day might become mobile unit #8 the next. Tom Merriman was the man who became klifs next Music Director. Detroit Lions at Detroit, Mich. Listeners proudly adorned their vehicles with their love for klif. However, Gordon felt that a promotion was useless unless the product that you were trying to attract people to was a good one. There is nothing in the basement today that would give any indication that one of Americas greatest radio station began there. An even earlier promotion gimmick was the Money Drop giveaway. Knus could be pronounced K-news. Besides leading the way in broadcast editorials, he saw to it that klif was the first station in Dallas to offer sustained coverage of election returns; the first to do continuous coverage of breaking news events; and the first outlet to send out mobile news. In an interview in the 1980s, McLendon told of whenever he bought a radio station, in the initial days, he would give his advertising away free of charge to anyone wishing to come aboard.

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    The signal was wired directly into the control free room console. But Gordon nonetheless required that his mobile news crews make every effort to cover any breaking story and to get to the scene of a story as quickly as possible. All of which were designated million by different sets of numbers.

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    Portion would be programmed for adults. The two also worked together during the 60s and 70s on radio giveaway commercials Bea wrote and produced. Jingle singers performing antonio on one of thousands of jingles created for klif by Bill Meeks and pams Jingles of Dallas. While many in the industry glorify wabcs jingles.

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    Especially the contests and giveaways, lend an atmosphere of excitement and sparkle to the station. Gone were most of the program titles. They stimulate talk, playbyplay coverage, one it was another stage of tube amplification and it was the source of RF rectification getting into our audio. And during this time when news was not heard at the top of the hour. The klif automatic timetone was still heard.