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    run your giveaway campaign. Giveaways and contests come in all shapes and sizes. Mini for your purse NEW! Giveaways and contests are commitments, which leads directly to our last point. Giveaway posts like this one from. What do you need to get started in terms of setting up an Instagram giveaway from scratch? Its common for brands to tag their winners in a shopkins congratulatory post which is a win-win for you and your followers. What Type of Instagram Giveaway Should You Consider? The more contests and giveaways you run, the more followers and traffic you can potentially land back on-site or into your sales funnel. Be Specific with Your Copy Your entrants shouldnt have to second-guess the rules of entry format of your giveaway. If you have a relatively small following, you may be able to monitor entries on your own. That said, giveaways and contests have a huge potential ROI when theyre run consistently as part of your overall content strategy. Be Specific with Your Copy Your entrants shouldnt have to second-guess the rules of entry for your giveaway. This recent example from toms displays the power of a well-crafted Instagram caption to encourage entries on-site: In terms of how often you should run giveaways, its totally up to you. In addition to other social channels such as Facebook or your email list, anything you can do to promote your giveaway beyond Instagram is a plus. Zero Tanlines Body Bronzer, and the NEW! The numbers horror dont lie in regard to just how much people will go nuts for an Instagram giveaway. How to Guarantee That Followers Trust Your Giveaway Trust is a key component of any Instagram giveaway. Contests and giveaways on Instagram receive.5 as many likes and 64 more comments than an average post. Beautycon has a clearly defined entry process and end-date: Generally speaking, most contests and giveaways sport an entry/deadline period that lasts between one and two weeks. If you havent run one yourself, whats holding you back? Pick a Prize What goods a giveaway without a prize, anyhow? How Often Should Brands Conduct an Instagram Giveaway?

    They birchbox instagram giveaway can drive massive engagement without taking up too much of your time or budget. Were giving away 10 sets of the Hoola collection. A monthlong event, there are tools out there specifically tailored for Instagram contests such as Woobox and Wishpond. Instagram giveaway, to celebrate, driving traffic to your site and getting more eyeballs on your products or storefront. Including some new bronzing musthaves launching later this month. Pointing your entrants to specific terms and conditions signals that you mean business about your giveaway. Provide a Point of Contact Beyond Instagram The more opportunities you have for your entrants to get in touch with you about your giveaway or contest. Much of your campaigns success comes down to three factors.

    With the freedom and options available for brands looking to get started with giveaways. Consider how such posts represent a sort of snowball effect. Simply ask your winners for their name and email address. So, what would you want to gain from your next hypothetical Instagram giveaway. Multiple prizes obviously means more chances to win. Theres no quicker way to sour your relationships with your followers and potential customer than by botching a giveaway or failing to follow through with your prize party giveaway games delivery. Can they, uGC Giveaways https p 9aee186c8a1df7f9 A good chunk of Instagram giveaways out there require User Generated Content as a form of entry. Check out this giveaway from LoveStoriesTV which asks for follows and tagging simultaneously.

    If Facebook traffic is their goal, thats all there is.Thats not to say you cant run giveaways for existing contests just because.

    Timing is an important yet overlooked factor for your Instagram giveaway. That said, giveaways have become an expectation for many modern followers. However, dont offer up a giveaway if you cant follow through with your prizes.